"Ban Min-Ki, I, Lee Taemin, take you as my wife, to love you and care for you through whatever missions the WGM program may have for us. And through whatever bumps we may encounter, I will remember that my friendship with you as real, even though this marriage is not."

"Lee Taemin, I, Ban Min-Ki, take you as my husband, to love and to care for you through whatever missions the WGM program may have for us…" I bit my lip and paused. I had to say what I came here to say at this fake wedding.

"…And through whatever bumps we may encounter, no matter how much time we spend as husband and wife, I vow not to fall in love with you."

This is honestly one of my favorite fanfics and I’m posting here because the author is a really good friend of mine :) please support her story! You’re gonna love it!
Also, she has a contest going along with this story.

submitted by:Hana

submitted by:Hana

Totally True!!

This Oneshot Fan-Fic made me CRY!!! Highly Recommended to the B2UTIES out there!!!
"Have you experience spring time? Spring is filled with love and Happiness right? What If the spring suddenly cry?
Gi Kwang is your boyfriend and both of you inlove so much to eachother. What if you find out that he’s cheating on you?
What will happen after the break up? What will you do if Gi Kwang is pleading you to comeback to him?
What will happen if you find out that you can’t love Gi Kwang anymore?”

I love this Fan-fic!!

I love this Fan-fic!!

"I started to recall our memories..”Do you remember the first day we met?” I asked. “hmm..” She humed. “It’s also springtime.. I can’t get you out of my mind so.. I tried to confessed..” I started to tell our past. “hehehe..” She giggled weakly. “After that you accepted me and we started to date.. here in the springfield.. we used to run along catching eachother..” I said while looking around the wild springfield while Sojung was on my back. “Neh..” She whispered in a weak tone. Tears started to fall into my eyes. “We used to have a picnik on that big tree..” I said while pointing the big tree at the field. She kissed my back. “we used to… pick flowers and play with it in the middle of this spring field…” I said while cryig. “Sojung.. you know.. I regret that I cheated on you.. I never thought that I will be madly inlove with you..” I whispered while looking back at her. She’s sleep or.. “Sojung..ahh..! Sojung..!” I called her name. She didn’t replied. I wiggled her but she didn’t move. I put her down and trying to wake her. but she’s not moving.. “Sojung-ah.. please wake up.. you’re going to live with me.. I love you.. please..” I said while tears falling into my eyes.."
— Tears Of Spring

"This Fan-Fic really made me cry TT_TT"

Highly Recommended to the B2UTIES out there!!

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A friend mine is staring at this. I made the video but the story is his… :D


Here’s AFF-KPOPSCHOOL featured fan-fics for this week~

1. Shh Just Our Little Secret
Characters: Jiyeon(OC), JunHyung (B2ST)
Genre: Romance, Rated M

2. As Revenge, I was turned into his wife
Characters: Junhyung, Hana(OC), GiKwang
Genre: Tragedy,Romance,Rated M

3. Gumiho Flashback
Characters: Gumiho(You),Exo,Tao
Genre: Romance

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Title: You Are The One
Author: ctmgonzaga
Characters: SNSD Tifanny & Taeyeon
Genre: Fluff,Romace,Cute,Sweet

"I really love you. I really do"
One of the words Kim Taeyeon love because those words were given to her by Tiffany, the person she love the most. Having Tiffany beside her she’s fine
Knowing Tiffany is safe she’s fine.
Being with Tiffany forever, the thing she would only hope.

Maybe wondering how they met?
It’s making me chuckle whenever I think of it.

Want to read it? Here’s the LINK


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